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Boen Flooring

Boen Flooring

Boen flooring are another of the leading flooring brands based in Scandinavia. With modern manufacturing techniques and a focus on cutting-edge design (in their words ‘Flooring is the biggest piece of furniture in the house’).
Boen flooring have an extensive range of hardwood flooring, with predominantly European hardwoods, and an excellent range of grades, species and colours. From plank to 2 and 3 strip flooring, also wide planks and patterned flooring, Boen flooring have a range suitable for most tastes – from Modern Rustic (which are ‘vibrant & warm with plenty of personality’), to the Pure Nordic and Urban Contrast.

Classic Elegance

The Classic Elegance style is refined, calm and orderly with exquisite materials. A floor in a tranquil elegant pattern in colours ranging from golden to dark brown will emphasize the style.
Structure, balance, symmetry, and harmony are the most prominent features of Classic Elegance. This is an ancient style with roots stretching back to Greek and Roman antiquity.
The interior is elegant and subdued, but also features prominent elements such as a sofa, table, fireplace, or special lamp. Even if the furniture is set out in formal lines, it does appear to be static.
The colour tones are often deep, and warm metals such as copper and iron are regularly used in the decorative elements. Carpets often feature exotic patterns, but the fabrics have characteristics reminiscent of exclusive luxury.

Classic Elegance 01 Boen flooring Arbor Flooring

Classic Elegance 02 Boen flooring Arbor Flooring

Classic Elegance 03 Boen flooring Arbor Flooring

Classic Elegance 04 Boen flooring Arbor Flooring

The classic interior is often based on heirlooms that have survived through the generations, surrounded by modern colours such as grey, beige, and brown.
The style is perpetual and characterised by tradition, with large doses of beauty and predictability. At the same time, it allows the opportunity to play with established concepts and create character and personality.

Pure Nordic

Pure Nordic takes inspiration from Scandinavian design, which really blossomed in the 1950s. A new generation of designers exploited the opportunities that arose for mass production, making functional designer furniture available to all.
Consistent throughout the style is that it is clean and simple, with an honest use of materials and no additional decoration. The Nordic landscape and light is a great source of inspiration, and light wood is the predominant material, together with materials such as wool, cotton, ceramics, leather, and clear glass.

Pure-nordic-01 boen flooring Arbor Flooring

Pure-nordic-02 boen flooring Arbor Flooring

Pure-nordic-03 boen flooring ArborFlooring

Pure-nordic-04 boen flooring Arbor Flooring

Today there are a number of designers who draw inspiration from the Nordic region, and who make use of the functional and natural expression to create new and exciting elements for interiors.
The clean lines and natural elements of Pure Nordic will always inspire and create harmony in our homes.

Modern Rustic

Gustavian style from 18th century Sweden, in combination with French country living is the inspiration for Modern Rustic. Previously, the style was characterized by pale fabrics, old mirrors, and religious symbols, but now it has taken on clearer industrial and ethnic elements. There is more edge to an otherwise feminine style.

Modern-Rustic-01 boen flooring Arbor Flooring

Modern-Rustic-02 boen flooring Arbor Flooring

Modern-Rustic-03 boen flooring Arbor Flooring

Modern-Rustic-04 boen flooring Arbor Flooring

The colours in the Modern Rustic range are neutral with a hint of warm tones. Furniture and carpets are often braided or woven, and in the kitchen it is ceramics and steel that dominate.
The key aspect of Modern Rustic is the beautiful handmade objects, and the consistently genuine expression. It is also visible in the choice of natural fabrics such as cotton and linen.
Modern Rustic living life. It is an interior that can withstand everyday use, an honest and rough expression that encourages play just as much as it does good conversation.

Urban Contrast

The style is reminiscent of 1950s America, when the modern designers of the time forgot all about the rules of old and threw themselves into playing freely with organic shapes and clear colours.
New, exciting furniture and solutions were created using plexiglass and plastic, and the style is also characterised today by playful innovation.
Dark wood with a golden shimmer frequently occurs in Urban Contrast, together with leather and fabric in warm, earthy colours – with hints of bright yellow, red, blue, or green.

Urban-Contrast-01 boen flooring Arbor Flooring

Urban-Contrast-02 boen flooring Arbor Flooring

Urban-Contrast-03 boen flooring Arbor Flooring

Urban-Contrast-04 boen flooring Arbor Flooring

Furniture is organic in shape, and powerful graphics are often used in art and fabrics.
Complementary furniture can be found in both design and antique stores – look out for designs from Eames and Dixon.
Urban Contrast is a play of colours and shapes, it is a mix of coarse materials and trendy design, but most of all it is a willingness to be daring.