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Kitchen flooring

Kitchen flooring

When specifying materials suitable for a kitchen, one has to take into account that this area will need to have a fairly resilient floor covering to withstand the rigours of day-to-day use.

Although not wholly appropriate, laminate, engineered and solid wood can all work well in a kitchen if suitably looked after and correctly maintained. However, should a more waterproof option be desired, alternatives include traditional ceramic tiles and cork or more specialised coverings such as resin and polished concrete.

For a more practical and forgiving surface, luxury vinyl tiles are a good option for kitchen flooring. These are hard-wearing and well able to withstand kitchen items being dropped on them; they are also waterproof, easy to maintain and long-lasting. In addition, vinyl tiles are cost-effective.
These tiles are installed as a ‘floating floor’ and are easy to fit. When correctly installed, they are a problem-free floor covering. With the latest in products and designs, we are able to supply and fit a wide range of luxury vinyl tiles to suit all kitchen styles.


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