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Oak flooring

Oak flooring

Oak flooring is currently the most commonly used wood for flooring in the UK due to its many favourable attributes: it is readily sourced from both the UK, Eastern and Western Europe, and also from North America.

It is both stable and hard-wearing. It is also an extremely versatile product and is aesthetically pleasing. Oak flooring can be sourced in either solid or engineered formats, with the latter being preferred because of its stability and problem-free installation and because it is also generally the more cost-effective option.

Both engineered and solid oak flooring are available in a number of different widths and thicknesses, and can be sourced in a number of different finishes or completed in situ with a bespoke finish.

The processes involved to generate these different looks include: staining/fumigating to make the wood go darker; lime-washing to achieve a lighter finish; or simply achieving a clear appearance using traditional oils and lacquers. It is also possible to distress the floor to give an aged appearance suitable for the older property or to give a rustic appearance.

With the clear look, the final coat can be of matt, silk or gloss with either a smooth or textured finish.
Personally, we prefer the look of the darker floors, however, in a domestic setting this is only suitable with light decor & plenty of natural light.
With all of the above options available, there really is an Oak floor to suit any location.


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