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Wooden Floor Restoration

Wooden Floor Restoration

Wooden floor restoration is the process and journey by which old floors are returned to their former glory. With older properties, particularly Victorian terraced houses, over the years there will usually have been much internal alteration, resulting in less than perfect flooring.

Often two reception rooms will have been knocked through, leaving an unsightly strip of wood or concrete between the two areas which will require remedial work in order to merge the separate floors.

There are also repeated fireplace replacements whereby previous owners have removed the original fireplace, only to subsequently be replaced with one of the era. As fashions dictate, original fireplaces are now being reinstated, occasionally leaving an unsightly strip of concrete under the hearth; where necessary, this can be removed and infilled with reclaimed wood.

Also, where radiators have been moved a number of times over the years, pipe holes can be plugged with reclaimed wood and sanded over.
In addition, floorboards will have suffered a certain amount of damage over time, often from unsympathetic plumbers who’ve assumed that a carpet will be fitted and the boards never seen again. Where required, replacement boards can be fitted.

Modern heating systems reduce the relative humidity levels in a room, often resulting in the flooring drying out and gaps appearing between the floorboards. These gaps can be filled with wedges of wood or pine slivers.

Wooden floor restoration involves all of the above. With time and effort these issues can all be remedied and the original floor restored to a durable and aesthetically pleasing finish.


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